openleak - we thought you might be worried... about the security... of your shit.

I pulled my ass!

Do you like steganography? How about TOR, Truecrypt, AES, secure messaging, SHA hashes, Bitcoin mining, Nvidia CUDA coding, linguistics, genetic algorithms, watching people attempt to execute the Reid Technique of interrogation psychology, VoIP, SIP, RTP, Secure RTP (rfc-3711), distributed decentralized networks, graph theory, the d3.js data visualization suite, Dr. Stephen Wolfram AND Hunter S. Thompson? Guess what- us too. And in no particular order!

update: crypto architecture and implementation is being re-evaluated in light of recent NSA discloures.

Defcon was a smashed success, as far as I remember. SVN repo will be online soon with an alpha framework, no thanks to Will Smith

Fuck you Peck you're a Mormon, next to you we all have a drinking problem!

Don't be in league with morons

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